How To Avoid Buying A Stolen Car

The second hand car market services a growing number of people who are looking for affordable pre-owned vehicles. While it’s possible to get a good deal when buying a second hand vehicle, there are some pitfalls to avoid. There have been some reports of people selling stolen vehicles in the Emerald Bay area recently. Here is how to avoid buying a stolen car:

  • Every car should have title and registration documents. These will identify the vehicle (along with its VIN number) as well as the legal owner of the car. Make sure that the person selling you the car is the person mentioned in the registration document. Always ask for proof of identification.
  • It’s important to make sure that there is no money outstanding on the vehicle from a previous finance arrangement. Asking the person about where he financed or insured the vehicle will give you information that you can then check up on. If they owned the car legally before then you should be able to confirm this with the financing institution of insurance company.
  • Make sure you get a fixed residential address from the seller. If he refuses to give it to you or is hesitant to confirm this then it may be a sign that you should be avoiding this car.
  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is essentially the fingerprint of the car. It is a unique identifier for that specific vehicle. You can find it on the driver’s side where the dash meets the windscreen. This should match the VIN on the registration document. If it looks like it has been painted, removed or altered in any way then it’s time to walk away.
  • If the seller is asking a price that seems to be far less than he could get for the car then alarm bells should start going off. Either it’s stolen or there’s something wrong with the vehicle.
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Use your commons sense and trust your instinct when buying a second had vehicle. It’s your right to ask as many questions as you want before making your purchase. Remember that if you buy a stolen car it can be taken away from you and you will have lost your money. Following the tips above will help you make a safe purchase.

Considerations For Vehicle Spares Suppliers

A number of independent operators and franchises have recently entered to vehicle spares marketplace. There has been an increased demand for reliable suppliers in this space. This has proved to be a good opportunity for many to enter into the automotive industry. There are some things to take into consideration if you intend getting involved in this industry. Here are some of the main factors to keep in mind:

New Vehicle Spares
The spares supply market is heavily reliant on just in time delivery. When someone needs a spare part for their vehicle they don’t want to have to wait for it. This means that you will need to keep stock of a variety of spares. Good understanding of the industry is needed to that you can keep stock of the spares people regularly need while not holding items that are unlikely to sell. Suppliers in this industry also compete with online spares suppliers so stock holding and relationships with your customers are very important. If you are importing the spares yourself you need to be aware of any import duties as these will affect your selling price and profit. You will also need to take exchange rates into account if you are transacting in foreign currencies.

Recycled Spares
The high cost of new spares has led to a boom in the recycled, or second hand, spares market. While the cost of these spares can be lower, the hard to get spares can command a good price with decent profit margins. Access to a good supply chain in this market is crucial. You will need to have good relationships with junk yards and car breakers around the country and possibly even in other countries. There is also an opportunity in this space to focus on specific makes and models of cars that are particularly tough to source parts for.

Dealing With Junk Yards
If you supply recycled parts then you will inevitably be dealing with junk yards and scrap car dealers. There are so many opportunities to make mistakes when dealing in this industry. It is important to make sure that the supplier of your spares conducts his business in a completely legal way. The big money in second hand spares has also led to some people using illegal means to access them. Stolen cars are often the source of these spare parts. If you buy these parts without doing your due diligence then you could find yourself on the wrong end of the law.

Opportunities in the automotive market from Emerald Coast

junk yard emerald coast The automotive services and support industry provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses in this sector. The Emerald Coast area has a thriving population that relies on privately owned vehicles for their transport needs. These vehicles all need maintenance, cleaning and other support services. In addition to this there is a big opportunity for additional car dealerships to supply vehicles to residents of this area. Here are some of the opportunities that business people can take advantage of:

New Car Sales
Local industry and business has improved dramatically over the last few years in Emerald Coast and as a result people have more disposable income. This has led to an increase in demand for new vehicles. While many of the American brand vehicles are well represented in the area already, there is an opportunity to service the demand for imported vehicles. German brands such as BMW and Mercedes are in increasing demand and there are opportunities to open dealerships supplying these vehicles.

Second Hand Car Sales
While this market has become saturated in some areas, there is still opportunity for expansion in the Emerald Bay region. The local university has increased its intake of students to accommodate the increasing local population. This increase in young people has also meant that there is an increase in demand for cheaper, second hand cars. This is often the kind of car that parents will buy as a first car for their children. Access to good quality, well priced second hand cars will provide a dealership with a good chance at capturing this market.

Vehicle Spares
The increase in vehicles on our roads has meant that there has also been an increase in the need for support services such as maintenance of these vehicles. The success of the maintenance industry is dependent on quick access to automotive spares. While many of these spares can be ordered online, there is still a big demand for a local presence. It will require some capital to set up a warehouse with sufficient stock of spares to service this need but the demand is certainly there. There is also a growing demand for second hand vehicle spares.

Vehicle Maintenance
The feedback from the industry is that many independent operators are struggling to keep up with the demand for vehicle servicing and maintenance. There are a number of good franchise opportunities in the vehicle maintenance area that would suit this need very well. While getting spares can sometimes be a challenge, this kind of business would be well suited to take advantage of both the maintenance and the spares supply side of the business.

Car Wash
The local weather conditions mean that even when a car has been washed it doesn’t stay clean for very long. Increased cars on the road means an increase in the demand for car wash facilities. Good water supply and low electricity costs in this area make this an attractive business opportunity. There is also a good supply of young, unemployed people who could benefit from working at these facilities. Rental rates and capital requirements for this kind of business mean that there is a relatively low barrier to entry for this kind of service.

Car Breakers and Junk Yards
As more new cars are bought more older cars are retired to the junk yard. A vehicle junkyard provides a business opportunity on two fronts. Firstly, people need to dispose of their vehicles in a legal manner. This means that they need to pay the junk yard operator to take their vehicle. Many of these vehicles are in a poor condition but they may still have serviceable parts that can be sold as second hand spares. The high cost of vehicle maintenance has led to a big demand for recycled car spares. fifa 17 coin generator

Many people have complained about the decline of the automotive industry in America but rather than declining we feel it has just changed. People looking to service this industry need to stay up to date with the developments in the automotive space and make sure that their business offerings adapt to the changing demand.